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PostSubject: LEAF READ THE PROVE   Sat May 11, 2013 10:03 pm

the fac shads permition had in my house then he call me and speak it well adm adm looks firebra duping items, I took him permition time
first of all yes I put enrgy condecer chest pipe furnace system was all but do rm arrive and give it shot and put a tank cart and then he'll call you banned me and I had no perm in tank cart can see so much time I get that he shot tank cart for you do not see that he put
he was not very good friend of mine so I think he did it.
and also have sly_hd proof because it's on my college and was looking at and what I put all what not put ask for it.
He and mod and will not lie.
And so I would do this?? to ban me when I was almost becoming mod? if I had done that I had taked.For im no lose account that I do not know tank put this card when it banned.
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